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Kent Barnard, our founder and CEO, has been actively involved in more than 300 events since 1978. His participation spans across various levels, from initiating new conferences to overseeing the entire logistics and taking ownership of significant conferences.r

Kent Barnard

KB conferences CEO

53 years experience

At KBC, we provide outstanding service and expertise across all facets of event production. Whether it’s turnkey operations that liberate your resources for core business activities or functioning as an extension of your sales and marketing teams, our primary aim is to ensure the success of your company’s events.

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KBC offers comprehensive turnkey planning and execution services for conferences, exhibition management, and tailored projects. Our services include:

Venue selection

and negotiation of hotel blocks/meeting spaces.

Strategic evaluation

of competitive event timing for optimal date selection.

Specifications and management

of Audio-Visual vendors.

Organizing catering

for all aspects, including meals, breaks, receptions, and special events.

Development of event websites

containing details for attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and press.

Online and onsite registration handling

including processing attendees, badges, ribbons, lanyards, and payment reconciliation.

Layout and creation

of conference programs, advertising, schedules, and printing.

Online exhibitor kits

exhibit hall floor layout, fire marshal approvals, and decorator selection.



Event flow recommendations

including expo schedules, speaker schedules, and complete onsite management.


Creation of banners

signage, conference bags, lanyards, and merchandise.


Design and distribution

of direct mailers, media advertising, web-banners, etc.


Full photography capability

including video/audio recording.


Management of onsite security

temporary staffing, and venue staff coordination.


Development and execution

of sponsorship programs, exhibitor requirements, and contact/selling.

Our Projects

Call for Papers/data capture of abstracts-bios-experience

Speaker logistics

covering scheduling, AV, and travel, press release creation and communication with media sponsors/partners

Speaker program coordination

Budget creation for the event

Strategic planning for marketing programs

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Time and money—plain and simple. Planning a meeting or conference can drain resources you didn’t even realize you had. Countless hours go into defining every detail, from the meeting site and catering to speakers, special events, accommodations, and registration.

The intricate nature of creating and running a conference or event makes it easy to overlook a simple yet crucial detail. That’s where KB Conferences steps in, understanding the ins and outs and ensuring nothing is missed.

With KBC at the helm, we can maximize your financial revenues, alleviate the stress of producing a major event, and deliver the success and professional benefits that both your conference and you deserve. Event production is our expertise, allowing us to focus solely on making your event shine.

Let KB Conferences handle all the intricate details and logistics, freeing up your organization’s professionals to utilize their time and expertise in shaping the overall vision of your event. In other words, let us take care of the nitty-gritty while you focus on the big picture.

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A Historical Journey through FDA Conferences on Steroids

In the realm of performance-enhancing substances, steroids have always been a hot topic of discussion and controversy. Over the years, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has played a crucial role in regulating and monitoring these substances through various conferences. In this blog post, we will embark on a historical journey, exploring the FDA conferences that have shaped the regulation of steroids, with a particular focus on testosterone, Human Growth Hormone (often searched as “buy HGH“), and Trenbolone.

The Early Days

The roots of steroid use can be traced back to the mid-20th century when athletes began experimenting with substances like testosterone to enhance their performance. Recognizing the potential health risks and ethical concerns associated with these substances, the FDA started holding conferences to address the growing issue.

Testosterone and FDA Scrutiny

As one of the earliest known anabolic steroids for sale, testosterone has been a focal point in FDA conferences. The agency recognized the medical benefits of testosterone for certain conditions but also became increasingly concerned about its misuse in the world of sports and bodybuilding. This led to the classification of testosterone as a controlled substance, with stringent regulations implemented to curb its non-medical use. So it became difficult to buy testosterone online, like other PEDs, despite testosterone was a real medicine, used to treat hypogonadism and other men’s health problems and injuries.

HGH Emerges on the Scene

In the 1980s, Human Growth Hormone (HGH) gained popularity among athletes and bodybuilders seeking an edge in performance and physique enhancement. FDA conferences during this era aimed to understand the effects of HGH on the human body and address the growing black market for this hormone. As a result, HGH was classified as a controlled substance, and regulations were tightened to control its distribution and use.

Trenbolone: The Dark Horse

Trenbolone, a powerful androgenic steroid, emerged as a prominent player in the world of performance enhancement. Known for its potent effects on muscle growth and strength, Trenbolone raised serious concerns within the FDA. Conferences centered around Trenbolone focused on its potential health risks, abuse in athletic circles, and the need for comprehensive regulations. The FDA took decisive actions to classify Trenbolone as a controlled substance, imposing strict guidelines to monitor its production, distribution, and use.

Modern Challenges and Future Outlook

In recent years, the landscape of steroid use has evolved with the emergence of new substances and advanced methods of administration. FDA conferences continue to address these challenges, incorporating scientific advancements and medical research to stay ahead of the curve. The focus remains on balancing the legitimate medical uses of steroids with the prevention of their misuse in the realms of sports and bodybuilding.


The history of FDA conferences on steroids reflects the ongoing effort to strike a balance between medical necessity and the prevention of performance-enhancing drug abuse. As the scientific understanding of these substances continues to evolve, so too will the regulations and discussions surrounding them. The journey through the history of FDA conferences serves as a reminder of the ongoing commitment to promoting health, fairness, and integrity in the world of sports and beyond.